October 2019

Summary of October Learning Experience

  • The learning curve of d3.js is higher than expected. Most people would just commonly find an example online and tailor it to suit their needs.

  • d3 heavily relies on rendering svg elements and understanding “d”, “g”," paths" and a lot of other things.

  • Most newer d3 APIs would provide a “render” function that simplies the rendering of shapes.

  • JSONP using Ajax is old and should not be used, Fetch should be used instead.

  • Generating word clouds does not mean the word cloud is meaningful.

  • Getting the number of time a word appears does not have an impact to the semantic meaning of the events that occur daily.

  • Raspiberry PI is easier to used in comparison to “last time”.

  • OpenCV libraries are much cleaner now instead of the days where are “many” compile warnings.

  • You could not push a “BLOB” into FireStore but it is easily solved with a String.

  • A lot of people do not understand the importance of a date data type.