Monash University

For the past 2.5 years, I have been working as a Teaching Associate with Monash University. I have taught both at the undergraduate level as well as postgraduate level. Overall, I have assisted over 100 students every semester to understand the course material and taught them how to apply critical thinking to every aspect of their studies.

It is my personal belief that, it is more important for a student to understand the underlying concepts before approaching a problem. Understanding how to solve a problem takes precedence over making the same mistakes over and over again just to see what will work.

Subjects taught

This is the list of the subjects that I have been involved in to date.

My SETU reports can be found here.

Unit Code Name Technology Stack
FIT1010 Introduction to Software Engineering Java7, Python 3, UML
FIT5032 Internet Applications Development ASP.NET MVC, C#, HTML5, JavaScript
FIT5042 Enterprise Application Development for the Web JEE, JSF, XHTML
FIT5120 Industry Experience Project Various Frameworks
FIT5136 Software Engineering Java7, UML
FIT9131 Programming Foundations Java7
FIT9134 Computer Architecture and Operating Systems Shell Scripting, Bash, Ubuntu
FIT9135 Data Communications WireShark, Core Network Emulator

Nominations & Awards